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Aims & Subjects

Conference Aims:

The conference aims to promote exchanges, discussion, and dialogues on how to manage industrial operations and organizations in more innovate, effective, and productive manners. The roles of technology as well as integration and synergy of human capital and organizational cultures will be underlined so that possible adaptations, learning, and improvement of research, practical examples, and excellent practices can be made. The sustainable development and continuous improvement as a result of technological applications and organizational innovation (i.e. products/ services, and processes management) will be focal point.

Focused subjects:

  • Brand value and management
  • Change management
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate, operational, and manufacturing strategies
  • Cultural diversity
  • Customer psychology
  • Customer relation management
  • e-Commerce and e-Business
  • e-Learning and human capital
  • Electronic and mobile government
  • Enterprise and operational risk
  • Green technology and productivity
  • Information Management & Computer Security
  • Innovation management
  • Internationalization of operations and markets
  • Knowledge management
  • Management & Enterprise Development
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing strategies and management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Motivation and emotional intelligence
  • Networked government
  • New product and service development
  • One-stop services
  • Organizational psychology
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Privacy and security issues in E-Commerce
  • Production technology
  • Productivity management and improvement
  • Promotional media
  • Public value
  • Quality improvement and management
  • Social marketing
  • Supplier partnership and supply-chain management
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Technologies in operational and industrial management
  • Value-added management
  • Intellectual capital synergy
  • Corporate synergy
  • Service quality synergy issues